Payment options
Cameroonian Association of Richmond

Membership Requirements

Membership shall be obtained through the fulfilment of certain obligations with the organization that shall include, but not limited to a registration fee, payments of all dues, full participation in all association organization activities, and regular attendance at meetings.

Categories of membership:  there shall be three (3) categories of membership

Full membership

Senior membership

Honorary membership

Full membership:  

Shall be opened to Cameroonians age at least 18 years old and live in Richmond or environs in Virginia

Must attend regular monthly meetings at least once every quarter

Shall host monthly meetings in a sequential manner following the meeting schedule drawn by the social secretary at the beginning of the year

Has a voting right and can candidate for any office of the executive board

Can be nominated to perform special duties in a committee internally

Can be mandated by the assembly to carry out a public function on behalf of the association when the need arises

Entitled to social benefit as stipulated in the association’s benefit agreement

Senior membership: Open to Cameroonians aged 65 and above who have been residing with the Richmond or environs in Virginia for at least six (6) months.  They may not be required to pay any registration or monthly dues.  However, should they be faced with any social problem, the group shall participate fully but contributions will be voluntary.  On another perspective, Senior may opt to be full members with association benefits.

Honorary membership: Membership under this category shall be entitled to non-indigenes and residents that identify and support the cause of our association.

Conditions for membership:  There are three (3) categories defining membership.  Active, Conditional and Inactive memberships. Being current or active in membership shall entail the following:

Paid registration $10/year,

Paid dues –(sinking fund) $110/year or $10/month

Compulsory minimum savings- $15/month

Paid hosting fees $5/month

Any returning member wishing to renew his/her membership shall be required to settle all previous year’s financial obligations before being allowed to register for the new year. Exceptions to this clause will be dealt with by the Executive Committee

Active: A member with good standing is one who meets the following:

Attends over 60% of meetings up to the point of calculation, paid minimum of 80% of current financial requirements, to include but not limited to births, marriages, deaths and events.

Under this category non-payment of dues within the first three months period is qualified as non-membership

Assistance or visitation will be based on being in compliance

Conditional: A member with 100% financial requirements met but whose attendance is considered below 60%.

Inactive: A person who may be registered for the year, but who is neither up to date with his/her financial obligations nor meets the minimum attendance requirement of 60%.  Members who temporarily relocate to another state for professional and/or educational reasons could maintain their membership as long as they comply with their obligations

Meetings: Decisions taken at meetings would follow democratic principles. Meeting attendance is compulsory for all resident members

The association shall hold monthly meetings on the last Saturday of every month. Meetings shall alternate location as per the annual calendar drawn by the Social Secretary

Meetings shall begin at 7.00 pm but deliberation shall start at 8.00 pm prompt, arrival after this time is considered late.

In case of irregularity on the hosting schedule, a member can opt to host the meeting on behalf of the other who by circumstance is not able to do so. It shall be the responsibility of a scheduled host to find his/her replacement(s) whenever necessary.  

Hosting will be based on attendance and a hosting fee of $5/member will be collected each meeting and a lump sum of $125 will be handed to the next host(s) at close of meeting.

In case there is no member willing to host, the President shall be compelled to host the meeting.

A $2 late coming fee is required from all with no exceptions.